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Over More Hurdles

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We met with the last few city officials this past week.  Great news abounded, the house did well on the construction walk-through, and we are on to next phase of leasing the ideal space to be the mother home for the academy, The Houston House in downtown Decatur.  This idea began as a twinkle in my eye in late October of last year, and here we are making great progress.  Our 60 day crowd funding campaign begins in the middle of this week and I look forward to all our goals being met.

More updates coming soon!


Facebook and Instagram Pages Are Officially Up

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Here is a link to our official FB page:

And our Instagram:

We will support them both so please follow us on your preferred social media, between the two, for updates and insights.

Thank you all, this is a dream coming true.


Where We Are

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We are in the process of launching a little after school program. We have prepared a Facebook and an Instagram page, as we go out into the world and watch this beautiful little school take shape. We are currently ironing out the details of our planned location.  We are thankful that we’ve been given the clearance to lease the space by the owners, as that many have tried and failed. Currently, we are within the guidance of some beautiful souls within the City of Decatur government, and they are helping us through the process, with spirits in harmony with our own. This is going to be a great place for the City of Decatur, it’s residents, and the children we will serve. We hope to be announcing a groundbreaking soon.

Live and Online

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