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“Ride” by Twenty One Pilots Lip Sync Video!

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Week 3 Summer K.A.M.P. Video!

Check out our K.A.M.P. Kids from our Week 3 Music Video Production Workshop! After some planning, the kids decided to produce a lip-sync version of “Ride” by Twenty One Pilots. We planned our video, did some location scouting, filmed on the square, utilized green-screen, learned about lighting, applying special effects and DSLR basics and edited our video in Final Cut ProX. What a GREAT week!

Filmmaking K.A.M.P. was a SUCCESS!

Filmmaking Summer K.A.M.P. Week 2

A Success!  In our first Filmmaking Summer K.A.M.P. session, the kids wrote the script, conceptualized the visuals, recorded voice-overs, composed music, filmed, added lighting, edited video, created an original song and worked on a score for this movie.  We closed with a Wrap Party at Butter & Cream and some party time at Decatur Rec!

It is important that kids learn how to co-create their world, and not compete for it.  Their natural inclination is to imagine.  It is amazing what can happen when kids are taught how to organize great ideas into tangible creations!  Some great tools, a few guiding principles and LITTLE bit of time, they can do anything!

Our First Week of Summer K.A.M.P.!

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“The Bounty Hunters”

From Our Week 1 Stop Motion Animation Workshop

Check out our work from the first week of Summer K.A.M.P.!  Kids were painting backgrounds and designing sets with dirt and sand.  They used a Panasonic GH4 and edited the movie in Final Cut ProX.  What an awesome first week!

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Week 2 Film Making

Our second week is coming to a close tomorrow and we are EXCITED to share the project from our first Filmmaking K.A.M.P.!   We filmed a ghostly experience, and the kids are really proud of their work!  Stay tuned!