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New Album Alert! “We Like Fun” is HERE!!

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The kids have really did it now!!!  Check out the amazing work done by a bunch of really awesome kids!  Some were engineers, others artists and writers.  Many contributed to really cool body of work!  The album should be on iTunes and Google Music shortly!

Share the playlist and help us spread the music!!!


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Hello friends!  There has been so much activity in and around MSA these days!  Not only have we been developing new videos that are getting thousands of views, we are wrapping up our first album!  It looks to be 9 original songs and one bonus record.  We’ve also established a Team MSA Fortnite LiveStream that goes up twice a week.  On a community note, Fox 5 Atlanta filmed their Wednesday’s Child segment with us recently and we’ve hosted some amazing kids through our partnership with The Decatur Education Foundation in our weekend workshops.

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Recently featured in The Decatur Education Foundation's Mid-Year Impact Report

We are registering for Summer K.A.M.P.!  K.A.M.P. stands for Kids and Multi-Media Production.  We will be doing a LOT of awesome stuff!  Most of our weeks are about 60% full so please sign up before the end of the year panic!



MSA Merch is HERE! Come pick one up!

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New T-Shirts for The MSA Kids!

Current and former MSA kids please pick up an official MSA T-Shirt!  Kids enrolled and kids that have attended our K.A.M.P. or afternoon program in the past, please stop by the Märchen Sagen house at your earliest convenience and get a FREE t-shirt!  Parents, we are here between 2:30pm and 6:30pm, Mon-Fri.

When you get your shirt, register to win a WEEK of Summer K.A.M.P.!

  1. Post a pic of that happy kid in their new MSA merch!
  2. Hashtag it #wesaymsa
  3. Wait to see if you won on May 1st!

We are GROWING and thx much for the continued love and support yall!!!  See you real soon!


City Schools Of Decatur Closed Tomorrow Jan 8 2018

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CLOSED Jan 8, 2018

Good day friends.  The Märchen Sagen Academy will be closed tomorrow along with City Schools of Decatur due to the possibility of inclement weather.  Please stay safe and warm, we hope to see you on Tuesday.


Mentorship at Märchen Sagen

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This year has been extraordinary.  It has been an eye-opener to watch this little program develop into what it has become.  I am excited, not only because of the promise the future holds, but mainly because I am able to give back so much of my experiences to children.  From the youngest little one who is wanting to make a slime blob stop-motion video to our high-school mentee who is picking up tips and tricks on electronic music production and entrepreneurial skills.  It has always been a goal of mine to develop a mentorship program for kids who are coming up like I did.  Full of artistic ability and desire, but no real college track in mind.  A sense of who I was, but without any real aim to become who I wanted to be.  I wanted to create a program where kids can develop invaluable and in-demand skills in content creation, social media management, video production and entrepreneurship.  With the help of my dedicated team, we have developed a mentorship program proposal outlining our goals.  Please download it, read it and find ways to support, either through Time, Talent or Treasure.

2018 Mentorship Program Proposal-Marchen Sagen Academy

Thank you much for the gifts and great ideas,


“The Landing”-Taking Stop-Motion up a Notch!

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New Stop-Motion Trailer

Check out the trailer for a video the kids are working on.  It’s LEGO stop-motion, and it’s called “The Landing”.  It’s centered around a character named Dr. Zorton.  He was mysteriously injured in a lab accident by Batmorph, who just crash landed on a desert planet.  The set was built on a 6 foot table with plenty of play sand.  The kids recorded voice-overs, produced music and learned more about keying green screen footage.  Many of our kids this year are new and have never done ANYTHING like this so it was great exploring this great art form.  Check out their awesome work!


Eat Drink Move!

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Our new video for The Boys and Girls Club of Metro Atlanta is here! Christian LaGon with a little help from ATL’s own King Imprint. This song and video was produced in support of the Eat Drink Move campaign by HealthMPowers, a campaign to get kids up, active and making healthy choices. Kids from our afternoon enrichment program actually went on location to help film! Thx to all the clubs that assisted and welcomed us!

“The Clover and Greta Show” Ep. 1 is HERE!

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New TV Show!

The official release of our new TV show is here!  “The Clover and Greta Show” features hosts, Clover and Greta, their own special guests, artists, music and fun!  Check out the unscripted goodness on our YouTube channel!

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First Newsletter of 2017-2018 is Out NOW!

Hello friends and family!  Check out our first newsletter of the 2017-2018 school year, “Getting To Know You”.  Click on the picture below:

If you have or know kids that LOVE to play ROBLOX, show them our first episode of “Taco TV Gamers”, a gamers VLOG with the kids using screen capture, special effects, funny clips, voice overs and animations to give their fans comic delivery, tips and tricks on many of the games in the ROBLOX universe.  We also produced a commercial for a talk show in development called “The Clover and Greta Show”.

Thx for the continued love and support friends!  See you soon!




Summer K.A.M.P. Successes!

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A First Time for Everything

What a treat it was to host our first year of afternoon enrichment and Summer K.A.M.P.  The majority of our kids during the summer break were from families who have never experienced our program and the kids came ready to work hard!  Daily, we built sets, wrote scripts, filmed, edited, composed scores and sound effects, produced voice-overs, applied special effects or just dreamed a little.  Starting at the beginning of each week with nothing, and ending with some amazing little ideas coming to life was fantastic.  We are thankful for the positive feedback and look forward to serving you all in the Fall!

Summer K.A.M.P. Creations

Here are some of the amazing videos created by our K.A.M.P. kids this summer:

Week 1 Stop Motion “The Bounty Hunters”

Week 2 Filmmaking “The Ghosts Band”

Week 3 Music Video Production Lip-sync video of “Ride” by Twenty One Pilots

Week 4 Stop Motion Animation “The Flame of Light”

Week 5 Filmmaking “The Missing”

Week 6 Music Video Production Lip-sync Video of “River” by Bishop Briggs

Week 7 Stop Motion Animation “World Wrestling Legos”