VLOGGING, or “video-blogging”, has become a major trend in content marketing.  Their authenticity connects with viewers, they help build a community of like-minded people, and many are monetized through corporate sponsorships, product placements and advertising.

With a desire to share, ordinary people, just like you, turn themselves into VLOGGERS.  They have a vision, setup a camera, look into the lens, and deliver insight, comedy or motivation, a peak into their daily life, information about clouds or comic books, cars or slime or sour candy!

But the best VLOGGERS have a strategy.  They plan and prep and purchase a few key pieces of gear or software in the beginning.  They study themselves, their environment, and they explore and find neat ways to get their message out.

This class is for you, the budding adult VLOGGER.  The person who has an idea, and is ready to share it online with their own style of video.  For fun, or to promote your business or talk about a hobby.  This course is set up to take you through some of the important principles, best practices, equipment and techniques that you will need to help make you effective at creating engaging VLOGS.

Using footage captured in and out of class, each student shall produce their own VLOG episode by the end of class, and have the knowledge and key steps needed to produce more.  Prior experience is not required, but a burning desire to VLOG is!

Monday night class.  Oct. 22nd, 29th, and Nov. 5th, 12th, and 19th.

Tuesday night class.  Oct. 23nd, 30th, and Nov. 6th, 13th, and 20th.

LIMITED TO ONLY 6 students per class.

7pm to 9 pm

$210.00 for 5 Weeks and ADULTS ONLY.

Complimentary wine and snacks will be provided!

Course Outline

Week 1:  Idea Building and Development.  Get a start to finish roadmap of what your VLOG is going to be.  Get help dialing in your plan and choosing equipment, and establishing location choices.  Process and equipment overview, with tips.

Week 2:  Camera Operation Basics (DSLR and iOS), Recording Audio, Filming Yourself and The Art of B-Roll.  Creating and incorporating Time-lapse and Hyper-lapse footage.

Week 3:  Lighting Fundamentals and Filming on Green-Screen.  Overview of Editing with best practices and procedures.

Week 4:  Editing, Sound Design and Mixing Audio for Impact.

Week 5:  Final tweaks of student VLOGs and Q&A session.  Advice and prep for IGTV, YouTube and Facebook video.  Ideas for optimization and tips for developing an online strategy.



Please bring your cell phone and/or a camera for use to film if you have one.  We will occasionally walk to the square and around Downtown Decatur to film.

Registration fee is non-refundable .