Mentorship at Märchen Sagen

Mentorship at Märchen Sagen

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This year has been extraordinary.  It has been an eye-opener to watch this little program develop into what it has become.  I am excited, not only because of the promise the future holds, but mainly because I am able to give back so much of my experiences to children.  From the youngest little one who is wanting to make a slime blob stop-motion video to our high-school mentee who is picking up tips and tricks on electronic music production and entrepreneurial skills.  It has always been a goal of mine to develop a mentorship program for kids who are coming up like I did.  Full of artistic ability and desire, but no real college track in mind.  A sense of who I was, but without any real aim to become who I wanted to be.  I wanted to create a program where kids can develop invaluable and in-demand skills in content creation, social media management, video production and entrepreneurship.  With the help of my dedicated team, we have developed a mentorship program proposal outlining our goals.  Please download it, read it and find ways to support, either through Time, Talent or Treasure.

2018 Mentorship Program Proposal-Marchen Sagen Academy

Thank you much for the gifts and great ideas,


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