Our First “Festicciola” (The Little Party)

Our First “Festicciola” (The Little Party)

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We are here!  Our little kick-off party on Friday (the 13th 😉 felt like the entire city was there!  It was a blessing to have our big day coincide with City of Decatur’s Lantern Festival.  Plenty of kids and folks from the community were around and we thoroughly enjoyed spreading the word about what we will be doing here!

What an occasion and reason to celebrate my friends! Earlier in the day, we signed our paperwork with Private Bank of Decatur and received the necessary support to get our little nonprofit off of the ground!  The 13th of May will always be remembered as our Founders Day!

Our Signing Day

Arianna, Eric Swilling (Private Bank of Decatur), Leonard Thibadeau (co-owner of the Houston house), Toni and myself, Rob Beall (Private Bank of Decatur) and Stephen (co-owner of the Houston House).

“Festicciola”, as Arianna says, is an Italian word that roughly translates to “the little party”.  We plan to make this day a day to be remembered annually, reminding us of our humble beginnings, big dreams and the manifesting of the initial vision into substantial and physical form.  We are so happy to announce this little academy’s arrival in Downtown Decatur.  Please check out some of the pics in our gallery below.  Also, the pics were from late in the evening and there are a LOT of people missing from earlier in the day!  Our first investors Devaughn and Shahnaz love you guys!  Jon, Cohen and Kate were great!  Khalfani and Makeda you guys came through!  Bill and Karen thx for coming out with the kids and friends!  See all of you soon!

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