Afternoon Enrichment & K.A.M.P.


Afternoon Enrichment

We have a very “creator-focused” curriculum.  The Visual Storytellers Afternoon Enrichment Program at the MSA house is a hub for inspired thought, with lots of room to explore different ideas.  We are focusing on creating content in even more expressive ways.  Producing vlogs, photography, stop-motion animation and many other disciplines allows all of our kids to create content that they are excited about.  Telling stories in unique ways and teaching kids how to utilize technology to exercise their creative muscles!

In our break and summer programs, kids will learn the fundamentals of producing and editing VLOGS, music videos, DSLR camera operation basics, lighting basics, filming on green screen, making stop motion animation, scoring, editing in iMovie and filming with iPads.  Kids also learn electronic music production, songwriting and audio engineering fundamentals in our recording studio on the 2nd floor.  Art enrichment is encouraged, with painting, drawing, costume and sculpture projects to create props and backgrounds for productions.  Snacks are provided daily, with walking field trips to local parks and the Decatur Square.  We offer Stop-Motion Animation, Filmmaking and VLOGGING K.A.M.P. throughout the year and during the summer.  For full day K.A.M.P. please pack a lunch.  Feel free to send additional snacks if needed!

  • Short Films
  • Stop-Motion Animation
  • Music Videos
  • DIYs
  • Original Songs
  • Lighting principles
  • Arts & Craft Projects
  • Video Editing
  • Electronic Music Production
  • Photography
  • Voice-Over Production
  • Audio Engineering

Parents like our long hours (from 2:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.) and our innovative program.  There are no registration fees and no extended hours fees.  We provide healthy snacks and plenty of water and fresh fruit.

There are 20 days in each cycle.  Each cycle corresponds with City of Decatur’s after school schedule, with 4 weeks per cycle of after school care.  Parents do NOT miss days for breaks and holidays.

3 day, 2 day and drop-in registrations are available with transportation included in the tuition.

The Full Week | Mon-Fri 

$429 per Cycle (5 days per week)

The Busy Week | Parents Pick The Days

$351 per Cycle (3 days per week)

Learners | Parents Pick The Days

$255 per cycle (2 days per week)

$42 a day drop-in

Break and Summer K.A.M.P. 

$345 per week

$69 a day drop-in

The Cycle

We have 9 twenty-day cycles that run during City of Decatur’s 180 day school year calendar.  Our dates are below:

Cycle 1:  August 1-August 28
Cycle 2:  August 29-October 3
Cycle 3:  October 4-November 1
Cycle 4:  November 2-December 7
Cycle 5:  December 8-January 18
Cycle 6:  January 19-February 15
Cycle 7:  February 16-March 23
Cycle 8:  March 26-April 27
Cycle 9:  April 28-May 25


Registration is due on the 15th of the month prior to the start of the next cycle.  Transportation charge is included in the registration fee.  Auto-Pay is available and required for students who will attend our program from month-to-month.  Parent accounts that are enrolled will be processed on the 15th of the month.


We do provide discounts for our families who are teachers and who register siblings.  Please enter the following codes at registration:

For teacher discounts:  “teacher”

Sibling discounts:  “sibling”


$345.00 for Full Week

$275.00 for four day weeks

$69.oo Drop-In Daily

 Break K.A.M.P.

Your kids may have heard of Jake and Logan Paul, Casey Neistat, and DanTDM, with many of the kids following them and their counterparts for the daily “VLOGs” that they produce.  So many kids dream of being the face of their YouTube VLOG, and we want to help them learn the basics of doing it!  VLOGGERS K.A.M.P. Registration is online!   Turn the camera around, build a cool intro, learn the components of an interesting VLOG and develop their own show!  Producing and editing videos with iPhones, iPads and a professional DSLRs will be covered.  There will be Minecraft and personal/character VLOGS, electronic music production, voice overs, lighting and green screen basics, LEGO STOP-MOTION and special EFX! We typically visit the square, pop popcorn and film at the rec center park! Snacks included, bring a lunch. We finish up our week with our “Wrap Party” with cones from @butterandcreamatl !!! Limited seating only 15 crew members!




 New Guests = New Experiences

We have a few guests that will visit MSA on a regular basis and bring some exciting opportunities to our little program.  Two additional opportunities for enrichment are in  photography and robotics.  On Fridays, we will transform one of our rooms into a studio to produce and film DIY photography and craft lessons for kids with The Camera Lady!  Known for her amazing skills behind the lens, The Camera Lady has been an after school fixture in CoD for many years.

Work Produced by MSA Kids

“World Wrestling Legos”  Stop-Motion Animation

“The Missing” A short film

Paper Airplane School VOL. 1

 “The New World” A Stop Motion Short

Mya’s VLOG Animation