Summer and Break K.A.M.P.

We are registering for February Break 2020

During the break, we will be making a short film. We have some recently donated heavy duty, professional-grade film tripods, and its time to put them to work! Filming using Panasonic GH4 4K cameras and editing in Apples’s Professional grade editing software Final Cut ProX, students will conceive, script, act out, film and edit their own short film.


Registration is available.

Our Summer and break K.A.M.P. programs at MSA are always a little more fun. Why? All of the exciting and new faces and ideas! Camp at MSA is called ”K.A.M.P.”, and it’s a full day media production enrichment opportunity for kids ages 6 to 12. It stands for Kids And Multimedia Production. We explore many different disciplines in content and media production in the coolest ways.

We love fun, laughs and learning how to make cool videos, with old and new friends, during breaks. That’s what MSA day camps are all about. We also walk over to Mead Road Park next to Oakhurst Elementary for some well-needed outdoor time. To close out our week, (like a typical production company 😉 we have our wrap party at Revolution Doughnuts to celebrate all the videos we created!

K.A.M.P. Descriptions

During KAMP weeks, no matter what the theme is, we will typically cover filming basics and techniques for lighting, green screen, editing and capturing footage with professional DSLRs, gimbals, tripods, motorized sliders, iPads and iPhones.  We kids also learn editing tips and tricks using professional and consumer level software like Final Cut Pro and iMovie.

We will have four themes during summer camp this year:

Food Prep and Filming, YouTube Vloggers, Filmmaking Fan KAMP, and Stop Motion Animation.

LEGO and Stop Motion Animation:

LEGO kids are welcome here!  Join us at the epicenter of Stop-Motion LEGO Movie Making in Decatur.  In our workshops, kids write their storylines and scripts, develop characters and use some arts and crafts time to create sets and backdrops.  Our KAMP kids create and edit their own stop motion movies, add voice overs, special effects, sound effects and music to make amazing creations.  We typically make between 4 and 7 videos during this week, with students getting engaged in many aspects of the filmmaking process.

YouTube Vloggers:

Calling all YouTube Kids!  This is our K.A.M.P. specifically focused on developing young YouTubers.  Kids learn some tips and tricks to develop their own channels on YouTube.  KAMP kids utilize green-screen technology and editing processes to create many different types of YouTube content.  Kids host their own gaming shows, produce DIYs, how to make slime videos, music videos and their own mini shows.  

Filmmaking Fan KAMP:

Creating a short film is an amazing experience for kids!  During our Filmmaking Fan KAMP, kids learn a variety of techniques to create their own films!  Finding their own niche, some kids film, others, edit or work on sound recording.  Some kids choose to act, while others choose to write.  But all kids, young and old, end up playing a part!  We may produce 1-3 short films during these weeks.  

Food Prep and Filming:

One of our most popular KAMPs!  Consistently positive experiences about kids making pizza and different kinds of food and deserts all week!  Making their own individual pizzas, no-bake cheesecake and other cool eats is fun, but it gets better when the cameras come out!  Students produce food making vlogs and document their experiences while creating YouTube magic!  

K.A.M.P. Dates:

June 1-5 Food Prep and Filming

June 8-12 YouTube Vloggers

June 15-19 Filmmaking Fan KAMP

June 22-26 LEGO and Stop Motion Animation

June 29-July 3 Food Prep and Filming

July 6-10 YouTube Vloggers

July 13-17 Filmmaking Fan KAMP

July 20-24 LEGO and Stop Motion Animation

July 27-31 Food Prep and Filming

Food Prep and Filming classes during break!

Pizza Making VLOG from our recent break K.A.M.P.

We truly value the quality of our unique program. To keep our camps special, and deliver the best creative experience, we prefer a small studio environment. To accomplish this, we have very limited seating in our camp programs and only allow registrations for 22 seats per week.

Break and Summer K.A.M.P.

$345 per week

$69 a day Drop-In

Early drop-off and late pickup are from 8 am to 4:30 pm and costs $100 per family.
Pack a lunch! We have snacks and water!